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TitleTeamwork in healthcare: Promoting effective teamwork in healthcare in Canada
Type of document
Systematic review addressing other questions
Type of questionMany
TargetHealth system
Health system topic(s)
Governance arrangement
Organizational authority
Networks/multi-institutional arrangements
Commercial authority
Licensure & registration requirements
Professional authority
Training & licensure requirements
Scope of practice
Professional liability
Delivery arrangement
By whom care is provided
Staff/self - Shared decision-making
System - Performance management
Skill mix - Multidisciplinary teams
Staff - Support
Where care is provided
Site of service delivery
Implementation strategy
Provider-targeted strategy
Educational material
Educational meeting
Organization-targeted strategy
Informal/family caregivers
Last year literature searchedNot reported
Quality rating2/11 (AMSTAR rating from McMaster Health Forum)
Countries in which studies (included in the synthesis) were conducted
User-friendly summaryNo user-friendly summary available
Scientific abstractNo scientific abstract available
Full-text reportFull-text report (free)
CitationOandasan I, Baker GR, Barker K, Bosco C, D'Amour D, Jones L et al. Teamwork in healthcare: Promoting effective teamwork in healthcare in Canada. Ottawa, Canada: Canadian Health Services Research Foundation; 2006.
DOINot available
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Health Systems Evidence is an initiative of the McMaster Health Forum.

Health Systems Evidence is supported by a collaboration between the McMaster Health Forum and four partners:
1) Program in Policy Decision-making; 2) Cochrane Canada and its Policy Liaison Office;
3) Health Information Research Unit's McMaster PLUS and McMaster Search Filters; and 4) Rx for Change.

The translations of Health Systems Evidence into languages other than English and French are made possible by a
collaboration between the McMaster Health Forum and five additional partners:
1) WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean and 2) American University of Beirut (for Arabic);
3) Evidence-Based Medicine Center, Lanzhou University (for Chinese);
4) Pan American Health Organization (for Portuguese and Spanish); and 5) WHO Regional Office for Europe (for Russian).